As our world becomes more interconnected and our roads more congested, the issue of traffic safety has become a top priority for companies and organizations. It is not only a matter of ensuring the well-being of employees and customers, but also a responsibility towards the wider community. This is where Guidance to Zero comes in. Guidance to Zero is a service company with a clear vision – to help other companies and organizations reach their traffic related sustainability targets.

Traffic safety  assessments

Development of traffic safety action plans

Implementation and monitoring of traffic safety policies

Training and education on traffic safety best practices

Analysis of traffic data and trends

Creation of customized traffic safety programs

Consultation on road design and infrastructure improvements

Workshops to help your company set it's objectives

Describe the Value Chain and find the Sphere of influence

Get ready to be rated according to the FIA Road Safety Index

Support for the project leader of complex infrastructure projects

We can tailor our offer to your specific needs