About us

Guidance to Zero emerged as an idea in the spring of 2023 when founders Sanna and Maria began discussing how they wanted their future work lives to look, what they believed was important for thriving at work, and which issues primarily served as motivators for them. Based on these conversations, a vision of a company dedicated to sustainable transportation took shape, a company that is employee-owned and offers challenging and inspiring workdays while encouraging and enabling a rich personal life.

In September 2023, it was finally time to take the leap and start running the company full-time.

Maria has experience from both the private and public sectors and has held managerial positions in both. Over the past 12 years, Maria, in addition to her ledership and development positions, has worked as a consultant focusing on project and process management of complex projects. She has also been involved in future transportation and sustainable community development, where as early as 2015, she helped her then-employer develop a strategy to meet all goals within AGENDA 2030.

Sanna has worked in both the public and private sectors. Since her early years, Sanna has had a passionate commitment to traffic safety, which has manifested through her work for safer infrastructure but has primarily been realized through the development of the first, and so far only, tool for measuring traffic safety for companies and organizations. Sanna has been involved in the development of the FIA Road Safety Index since its inception and has project-managed most of the development work as well as the pilot trials and the parallel verification project funded by research grants from Skyltfonden.

Sanna and Maria have worked together in various capacities for 15 years. Both Sanna and Maria have a deep understanding of traffic safety as a sustainability issue and experience in leading processes and making decisions within large organizations.

In our board of directors we have Björn Östlund as the chairman. Björn is an experienced board member and has held management positions in engineering and infrastructure, both in the public and private sectors. Olle Arfors is both member of the board and an active partner with over 40 years experience within Supply Chain Management. Olle has developed a method that works to capture any companies sphere of influence.

The transport system of the future is silent, clean, safe, fossil-free, effective and attractive. It takes up less space, creates conditions for a healthy lifestyle and is built for all.

Business Idea and Goals 

Guidance to Zero aims to assist companies and organizations with their traffic safety efforts by guiding them to achieve their goals. We look at the entire value chain and support from strategy through tactics to action.

In addition to client assignments, Guidance to Zero will also engage in collaboration and research. Through involvement in SAFER's traffic safety platform, new partnerships will be formed.

In addition to traffic safety-related issues, we also offer coaching and advice for project and process managers who desire an external sounding board to develop their leadership skills, drive projects forward, and receive support in handling complex issues.