Why is Organizational Traffic Safety a hot topic?

Globally 1.19 million people are killed and a lot more is severely injured by our transport system each year. 66 % of the people killed are between 18 - 65 years.

Traffic safety is not only a question of people getting killed and injured in our transport system, it´s also a question of equality and social sustainability. It's about health and the possibility to allow kids the freedom to walk and cycle to and from schools, friends and activities. And it is about occupational health and safety.

Around 50 % of all accidents are estimated to be linked to a work related trip or transport. Either that someone gets killed or injured when they are at work or  that someone else gets killed or injured by a work related transport.

The third ministerial conference on traffic safety in Stockholm 2020 was a gamechanger for how traffic safety as a global topic will be viewed in the years to come. The conference highlighted how traffic safety has a role in Agenda 2030, not just as a singular goal but as a facilitator for other goals as well.

With the Stockholm declaration, the leaders of the world and representatives for the private sector unified the message that businesses are going to include traffic safety as part of their sustainability reporting.

How to do that? Get in contact with us and we'll tell you more.

Collaborations and externally funded projects


The team at Guidance to Zero have been involved in developing the FIA Road Safety Index from the start. FIA RSI is the only tool to measure how well your company perform regarding traffic safety, read more at the FIA Webpage.


Guidence to Zero are currently working on a project funded by Skyltfonden. In this project we aim to find good examples of companies that report externally om their traffic safety. The result will work to inspire other companies to step. If you think your companie can work as a good example, please contact us. If you want to know more about the project you can read here


During 2024 Guidance to Zero will be leading a Working Group at SAFER with the focus to To identify and improve your companies' work within traffic safety. The group will organize workshops where you can learn more and contribute to the understanding of the complexity and challenges of different organizations.

Upcoming events

In 2024 we will start to give lectures and hold courses within Organizational Traffic Safety.

This spring we are planning for two course sessions, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg. More information will be available shortly.